Navigating the hemp space requires extensive product knowledge, and we offer unmatched quality at every price point.

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With over 25 years of retail experience, we are in a unique position to know what it means to deeply support both the manufacturer and retailer.  Holistic is the right way to describe our account management program.


We cultivate and grow the relationship with the retailer.  We KNOW exactly what they need to be successful.  We then incorporate those practices to proliferate your brand's status and position with both the retailer and their customer base.


We design a specific game plan when introducing your brand to the prospective client, including onboarding paperwork.  We then create a structured engagement cadence for ongoing sales support.

Value Add

Data mining, interpretation, and prediction analysis is a core competence, and just one way we add tremendous value to you and the retailer.  Our chain-specific marketing plans are the best in the industry and yet another increase to your overall value.

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